Sunday, June 17, 2012


You opened up to me, and I let you in.
Words written with great meaning touched the corners of darkness.
You smashed through my seemingly impenetrable emotional wall like it was made out of paper, and you did it almost instantly.
A departure that now almost seems forgotten is forgiven by time.
Better, stronger, ready.
Vulnerability is no longer a threat.
See me, all of me
Ready, set, go

Waiting on You

Some things, don't turn out like they should
But every now and then things turn out for the best

The uncertainty of events, actions, emotions and choices
Lined up in a pattern of disaray

The confusion is now clear
Lessons learned, self, discovered

It took a while to uncover what was there
Pieces needed to fit, put together by mistakes, experience and understanding

Thank you for waiting, for believing
And for seeing it become external