Saturday, August 6, 2011


Actions of deceit and cruelty
Embarrassment beyond compare
Morals and values, worthless
Tolerance to this kind of behavior is unheard of
Forgiveness does not seem to be an option
Forget the illusion it must have been
The illusion of kindness, that masked this treachery
There could be no humanity hidden within
Not now
It's gone
All that is left are words that describe a  person of unimaginable performance
who "left nice back in December"

Letters I never sent

You were that person
I didn't know it
and all I gave you was a goodbye
Wish I had seen it
Wish I had been ready for it
Wish I could have calculated how to start again
and I understand why you backed away
Why you went so far away

I think back to that day often
My hand on the door knob
looking for my escape
Now, wishing I could take it back

I remember how the room smelled
How the room looked
Where everything was placed
The memories in that room

You could have been it
I would never have questioned it
and you stood there silently wishing I would see it

You made me feel like I could do no wrong,
but I did........

I wasn't ready
and I hate him for that

I think about October all the time