Saturday, August 6, 2011

Letters I never sent

You were that person
I didn't know it
and all I gave you was a goodbye
Wish I had seen it
Wish I had been ready for it
Wish I could have calculated how to start again
and I understand why you backed away
Why you went so far away

I think back to that day often
My hand on the door knob
looking for my escape
Now, wishing I could take it back

I remember how the room smelled
How the room looked
Where everything was placed
The memories in that room

You could have been it
I would never have questioned it
and you stood there silently wishing I would see it

You made me feel like I could do no wrong,
but I did........

I wasn't ready
and I hate him for that

I think about October all the time


  1. your writing is really nice. you should post again soon :)

    thanks for checking out/following my blog. i really appreciate it :)