Saturday, January 22, 2011


You were there.
You know what it was like.
That time was hard for you too.
I'm sorry I forgot that.

Concentrating so much on my hurt,
I forgot about yours.
How your heart hurt.
Your soul abandoned.

Now so many days later,
years actually,
I stopped and thought about you
and cried at my forgetfulness.

Why did I think of this now?
I saw you,
you didn't see me.
You were in a sea of faces.

I wonder if you hate me for it?
If you ever think back
and think how far away I was from you.
Even though I was standing right beside you.

I wonder if there will ever be a moment
where it is ever mentioned between us?
Would there be a silence?
A silence enough for you to know my sorrow.
My sorry.

You looked happy.
Maybe you've forgotten.
It may not even hold presence in your thoughts.
I know the day does, but maybe not me.

If floods back into mine often.
Not just of you, but everything about then.
The moment when all of our lives were vastly emptied by loss.

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