Monday, June 6, 2011

Back again!

Well it has been quite a while since I actually posted a piece of writing. It is not for the fact that I have stopped writing, it is only my lack of transferring it from my note book to here. But I am going to be much more diligent in setting aside the time to really sit, write and share.

I need to write it down
get it out there
express it
But I want it to stop
Please stop....

You had shut off your emotions
You didn't feel
You say I opened you to feeling again
I'm sorry
Why sorry? ............because it did the same to me

Gushing words, describing words,
being written down on ink
It's permanent when written down
The words now spoken out loud
and you know what happens when you say things out loud

It stops
It ruins it
Taints it
Be careful of what you write down

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