Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Day

Funny how we always concentrate on the bad things. Forget the good and focus on all the reasons why not, but never focus on the reasons for why we should. It's easier to let go, making up excuses for why it could never change or get easier. I always believed people "are who they are" , but I was reminded that I wouldn't want that stigma attached to myself, so why am I able to regard that same notion about others. I quickly changed my tune. People can change.They can be better. All it takes is realizing you want to change for yourself. That gives you the inspiration to do it. We aren't always what we seem, opinions can change. If they didn't,  I'm sure we would all find ourselves lost somewhere in our lives; for we all change throughout lifes journey. The thing is others need to be open and understand the possibilities of this. It isn't a show or a persona put on, it is life's lessons that teach us to change. It's loss, it's failure, it's even encouraging and motivational situtations that bring this change about. We realize the things that are important, the little things that can out weigh the big things. It's kindness, encouragement, thoughtfulness, values, respect, understanding, forgiveness, loyalty and love. It isn't the materialistic ideals of others or opinions. It isn't the diminutive events of everyday life that taint our image and frustrate our minds with annoyances. It should be the diminutive events of everyday life that remind us of the unspoken moments of emotion that show patience, trust and communication. Without those moments or ideals we will become bitter, lost and feel worthless. Failures of our own doing. Without the realization of all of this, we will be our own worst enemy. Life is so much more than what is presented. We have to remove the layers that can pile up, remembering that every day we might have to peel one away. Don't let them become so heavy that it feels impossible to strip them down. Change is possible, goodness is possible, love is possible.

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