Monday, January 18, 2016


You have loved.
You have even experienced great love. 
You have given your heart, and been given it back. Sometimes whole with new appreciation, and other times pieces. 
It is no secret that you have lost a round or two, but do not hang your head. You are the luckiest, even with the weight of the world. 
You have had moments shared, and moments lost. Promises made and promises broken. True words spoken, but taken back, and words not said, and regretted. 
Look at it all not as a failure. Look at it and be grateful.
Some say you have a heart too soon made glad. But you have a heart that is open, welcoming, and forgiving. A heart too soon made glad is not a liability, it is unsheltered. 
Be conscientious, but do not disconnect; underneath there is an innocence we are all guilty of. 

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