Sunday, August 28, 2016

Me before you

Before you, I was strong.
Before you, I knew what I wanted
Before you, I had a heart that was kind

Before you, I laughed
Before you, I wondered about all of things that I could be
Before you, I didn't give up

Before you, I didn't need someone to take care of me
Before you, I believed in the good in others
Before you, I trusted

Before you I knew what love was

And after you...

I am stronger
I still know what I want
My heart is still kind

after you....

My laughter remains
I am exactly who I should be, and I will keep wondering about what else I can be
I haven't given up

after you....

I can still take care of myself
I still believe in the good in people
I still trust

After you, I still know what love is


  1. One proud Auntie here, Mel. You are an impressively strong woman, courageous, positive, indomitable, gorgeous of all is your heart, the love you exude, kindness you show, the qualities and characteristics that make you exceptionally dear to everyone. Huge Hugs!