Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Medium Ash Brown

This week has been long (and it's only Tuesday), but papers and presentations are finally finished. I took a big sigh of relief tonight. Glad to have had a bit of time to sit and read, write and enjoy the company of a great friend.

It's raining now
It was sunny, muggy, sticky
You could feel how the clouds wanted to let it out
Burst into streams of rain
The pressure mounting
Now they've errupted
Hitting the hot pavement
the steam rising from the asphalt
It will last just long enough
And then it will be over
The coolness that it brings is needed
It was hot. Too hot
There is a freshness in the air
A newness
A cleansing
For now everything is wet,
It'll get dirty again
Give it time

1 comment:

  1. Hey Melissa, I love your writing style... esp how you draw inspiration from your surroundings to fuel your creativity. Keep up the amazing work. Wish you had started doing this a while ago!