Tuesday, November 23, 2010

drunk again, olivia lee and oil paint

There are people who come into our lives and leave an impression. Good, bad or ugly.  But they leave us with something to think about, learn from and hold on too. I read somewhere a great author say " You know you've left an impression if you get quoted, sited or written about" 

Drunk Again
(after Jean Beraud's painting Les Buveurs d'Absinthe 1908)

Thats Me!
not me, but me
And I sympathize
Been there, done that, my signature stare
 If only he knew how she felt
                     If only he knew how I felt
Have Another!
It's probably his fourth or fifth. Her first
                                           I know how you feel, the disappointment
                                                                                                 the anger  
                                                                                                       the regret
                                            Oh well, Bottoms up!

     Olivia Lee

A boat in a picture
Drawn by a friend
Leans against my stand
A gift, made by talented hands
to remind me of him

Carefully sketched and deep with detail
it says so much,
but still stays silent.
Perfect in many ways

The ship strong and steady
A self portrait of security
A warm sea of sincerity and warmth.
Not only seen through the picture
but through his eyes
His emotions as calm as the sea itself

The stillness of the water
and the openness of the ocean
are reflections of the artist behind this image

Oil Paint

You wrap your thoughts in works of art
Beauty is what you see

Colors vibrant, textures gritty
                                            Raw, straight lines

Blocks build the scenes in your mind
Made real by your palette

A mixture of tints and shades
                                           Shadows and light

Smeared and coated, the canvas exposes the image

You wrap your thoughts in works of art
and they're all hanging on the walls of my heart.

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