Sunday, December 5, 2010

Four Friends

I found this tonight as I was going through some of my older pieces of writing. I wrote this for a friends wedding a few years ago now. There were four of us who grew up together and we were the best of friends. Fighting, laughing, forgiving and learning we had some great moments shared together. We have since gone our separate ways, but no matter what we always seem to find a way to get together. No matter the time that passes where we don't speak as often as we would like we know the connection is still there. I miss you guys and hope you remember as much as I do.

One group made up of four
Their personalities as different as the grains of sand upon which they grew
A friendship held strong through the toughest of years
They made it through fights; they made it through tears

No matter what, they were always there
The bond between them strong; they laughed, lived and loved
Sharing joys which had a meaning that only they would know
With hands held tight, walking into the future, they found the way to grow

And now they are older
Their lives hectic with time going by, trying to make the memories last
Friends who could share everything by always speaking their minds
Are now sharing in a moment that is only one of a kind

Today the world is right
As one of the four starts her own journey, taking a new path in life
So today is now your day, with the bond between us strong
And as close friends we feel the love, you're right where you belong

So in this special moment
We hope each soul will find, another soul to love, a love that surely binds
And as the river meets the ocean and the waves beat onto the sand
Always remember that today and always the four of us still stand

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